IRS Whistleblowers Deliver Personal Anti-Biden Testimony

 July 20, 2023

It looks like Hunter Biden might FINALLY be facing the consequences for his actions.

At least he will be, if the two brave IRS whistleblowers who testified about their knowledge of the probe of the first son get their way.

Both of the whistleblowers are speaking out against what they call "slow-walking investigative steps" against Hunter Biden. According to, that includes "delayed enforcement actions in the months before the 2020 election won by Biden."

This week brought the first public testimony from the two whistleblowers who were "assigned to the federal case into President Joe Biden’s youngest son which was focused on tax and gun charges."

In case you haven't been keeping up with this story, the whistleblowers are frustrated that Hunter Biden wasn't treated like any other Americans would be when it came to his tax and gun crimes.

Most Americans would have been in jail almost instantly.

Instead, Hunter Biden got off essentially without a scratch.

More importantly for Democrats, however, was the fact that Hunter's devious crimes were kept secret until AFTER the 2020 election.

If America realized that Joe Biden didn't know how to control his own son, why would we have ever voted him in to control the entire country?

We wouldn't have, and Democrats knew it. That's why voters were never told about what the Biden family was really up to.

Now, we are starting to learn what really happened.