Iowa attorney general says Trump can 'fire Biden and win our country back'

October 20, 2023

Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird (R) endorsed former President Donald Trump at a campaign event in Adel, Iowa, on Monday.

“He is the one who can fire Biden and win our country back,” she told Breitbart News after the event.

“He led the economy. He secured our southern border. He fought for Iowa farmers, and he kept America strong in the world,” Bird said. “Those are all issues that I hear about from the grassroots in Iowa, and that’s a sharp contrast to Biden’s failed leadership.”

She predicted that Trump would win the Iowa caucuses and ultimately "get the nomination" as the GOP presidential candidate.

Trump currently leads in Iowa GOP polls by more than 35 points, torching nearest competitor Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

An Emerson College poll released Friday had Trump ahead of President Joe Biden by 10 points, 44% to 33%.

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