Industry groups say Biden EV mandate regulations are 'alarming'

October 19, 2023

President Joe Biden's administration is facing pushback from automobile industry groups along with pressure to ease its onerous electric vehicle mandates that seek to force automakers to double their fuel efficiency in less than a decade.

There were more than 62,900 public comments to the Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) related to the fuel economy regulations issued in late July. The comment period ended Monday.

The energy, agriculture, and automotive industries as well as 26 states provided comments.

As an example of the comments, American Petroleum Institute (API) Vice President of Downstream Policy Will Hupman said, in a statement, "NHTSA’s proposal is yet another attempt by the Biden administration to restrict Americans’ freedom to decide what vehicle fits their needs and budget."

"Combined with EPA’s proposed tailpipe emissions standards, these rules amount to a de facto ban on cars and trucks using liquid fuels, which can and should be a part of the solution to reduce carbon emissions," he continued.

Carmakers face steep fines if they don't comply with the standards, but they cannot afford to invest the money needed to develop the necessary technology.

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