Income Tax ELIMINATED For These Citizens

 January 2, 2023

Hungary's pro-life, pro-family policies are being implemented in the form of helping young mothers care for their young financially.

"Hungary has exempted young mothers from paying income tax as it continues to expand the package of pro-family formation policies it has introduced as an alternative to mass migration," reports Breitbart.

"With most Western and particularly post-communist societies experiencing low birth rates, the consensus among governments of both the left and the supposed 'centre-right' has been to try and replenish aging communities and fill gaps in the labour market through ever-increasing mass legal immigration and a lax approach to controlling illegal immigration," reported Breitbart.

"A small number of countries led by national conservative governments are pursuing an alternative, more long-term approach of supporting (and rewarding) their own citizens in forming families in an effort to boost natural population growth, however, including Poland and, most especially, Viktor Orbán’s Hungary," according to Breitbart.

"According to the government’s calculations, tens of thousands of young mothers with an income could avail themselves of the possibility of tax exemption," said Hungary’s Secretary of State for Family Policy, Ágnes Hornung.

"They are eligible not only for the new income tax exemption, but equally for all other forms of family support, including the family tax allowance, the baby expecting support [loan], and the child care fee," Hornung added.

The tax break will apply "regardless of whether the mother is married, single, or divorced" and last from the 12th week of pregnancy until the end of the year the mother turns 30.

Additionally, the tax break has a "dual goal" of "promoting the births of children" and "leaving more money with families."

Source: Breitbart