Illinois gun control law blocked by judge after only a few days

By Jen Krausz on
 January 22, 2023

Democrat Governor of Illinois J.D. Pritzker was prevented from enforcing a new ban on some semi-automatic weapons within a few days of it becoming law when a judge put a temporary restraining order on the bill.

Former Republican candidate for attorney general Tom DeVore sued successfully to block the law.

The ruling by Effingham County Judge Joshua Morrison only applied to 850 plaintiffs in that county and four licensed gun dealers.

"We are well aware that this is only the first step in defending this important legislation," Pritzker said. "I remain confident that the courts will uphold the constitutionality of Illinois' law, which aligns with the eight other states with similar laws and was written in collaboration with lawmakers, advocates, and legal experts."

The judge used a U.S. Supreme Court ruling last year as precedent, which struck down the state of New York's concealed carry law.

The law in Illinois was passed after a mass shooting on July 4th, but lawmakers on the left never consider the fact that criminals are far less likely to obey gun laws than law-abiding citizens, who are then left defenseless against the criminals who still have guns.