Illegal migrants who used mopeds to steal jewelry arrested by NYPD

 February 8, 2024

President Joe Biden's illegal immigration crisis continues to wreak havoc across the country, especially in New York City, where illegal migrants have resorted to committing crimes against American citizens and business owners.

According to the New York Post, police apprehended two illegal migrants who had gone on a jewelry-stealing spree using mopeds to snatch jewelry from unsuspecting American citizens quickly.

The moped method of stealing jewelry is the latest trend among Biden-supporting illegal migrants, and police are struggling to keep up with the frequency in which it's occurring on city streets.

The Post noted:

Luis Pacheco Tovar and Alvaro Martinez — Venezuelan citizens living in the Bronx — were busted after a domestic violence complaint at Pacheco Tovar’s Laconia Avenue address, police sources told The Post.

It added:

After his arrest, Pacheco Tovar copped to a gunpoint robbery in a series of fall 2023 crimes that sources say also spread to Westchester County, New York and Bergen County, New Jersey — and two grand larcenies in another, police sources said.

Illegal migrants have been responsible for brazen theft rings, some of which include stealing cell phones from people's hands and then proceeding to drain their bank accounts and credit cards by hacking the phones.

Tovar and Martinez were focused on well-to-do New Yorkers sporting Rolex watches and other expensive pieces of jewelry, authorities reported.

NYPD Capt. Tawee Theanthong, commander of the department’s central robbery unit told the NY Post that they hope the arrest will rebuild confidence among New York City residents.

"I hope these arrests give people confidence back in our city," Tawee said. "What you can’t insure is the loss of confidence and dignity people feel to have someone just walk up and take something from you."

The police captain obviously wants to remain optimistic, but everyone knows New York City's crime, which has increased as a result of the flood of Biden's illegal migrants, is far beyond out of control and residents of the city are well aware of how bad it is, with no end in sight.

Scooters, or mopeds, have been the tool of choice for illegal migrant thieves, as they make for easy getaways. Presumably, they had plenty of practice in their home countries using the same techniques before deploying them on the streets of America.

Brian Higgins, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and a former Bergen County police chief, explained to The Post that moped-based crime is quite common around the world. It's especially useful in America because nobody sees it coming and they don't expect it.

"You’re not expecting it," Higgins said. "And by the time they’re on top of you, they probably already have their hands on whatever it is they’re going to steal, be it a purse, or a chain. And then they’re out. They don’t even have to stop. It’s done in one fell swoop."