Migrant stabbed to death at shelter, illustrating damage done by Biden's policies

 January 8, 2024

An illegal immigrant was stabbed to death by another recent arrival in a dispute at the Randall’s Island migrant shelter in New York on Saturday night.

Sources confirmed that the 24-year-old victim was killed by a 26-year-old attacker who was then taken into custody by police.

Earlier that evening at the same shelter, two police officers were injured while responding to a fight that broke out between immigrants who were queued up for processing.

The brutal killing is the latest example of the terrible consequences that President Joe Biden's immigration policy has created.

Untold numbers of illegal immigrants are abused, assaulted, or murdered by either fellow immigrants or smugglers on their journey to the United States. But Biden has refused to do anything about the situation or take moves to discourage illegal immigration.

Biden knows that his policies are getting immigrants killed and yet he refuses to do anything. He is directly culpable for the unnecessary deaths like the one at Randall's Island.