Illegal immigrant soccer coach accused of raping boys had long arrest record

By Jen Krausz on
 July 18, 2023

An illegal immigrant who is accused of drugging and raping at least 15 boys ages nine to 17 has an arrest record in Tennessee going back 20 years, according to police.

Camilo Hurtado Campos was arrested after a pizza shop employee found explicit images and videos of the rapes on his phone, which he left there by mistake.

The employee turned the phone over to police, and when Campos came back for it, took a photo of his license plate.

Campos was arrested in 2005 for public intoxication, then in 2006, 2015, and 2016 for driving without a license.

It's unclear why he was not turned over to ICE and deported or how he managed to pass a background check to coach youth soccer. He apparently frequented parks to recruit boys to play soccer on his teams, then took them to his house to abuse them when he had gained their trust.

Three of the 10 boys found in footage on his phone have been identified so far, and five more have come forward to report similar incidents since news of his arrest broke. Campos allegedly raped the boys when they were unconscious, so some of them may not realize what had happened.