Illegal Alien Linked To Terrorism Came From Biden Pipeline

 August 10, 2023

Joe Biden is literally importing terrorists into America.

And there's not much that we can do to stop him.

What are we going to do, ask Kamala Harris, the Border Czar?

She's not going to help us. That's why stuff like this keeps happening.

An illegal immigrant who has literally been linked to terrorism came from Joe Biden's Parole Pipeline.

If these are the type of people who are getting through, I don't ever want to meet a guy who does NOT qualify to get in.

The Venezuelan illegal alien crossed the United States-Mexico border in Arizona. He was detained by border agents.

For some reason, he was let go, and given notice to appear in a federal immigration court.

And then they just set him free.

A criminal court in Valencia, Venezuela, issued an arrest court for this illegal alien in 2021 for fraud, money laundering, association with organized crime, and funding terrorism.