Ilhan Omar doubles down on attacks on Israel over war with terrorist organization Hamas

November 6, 2023

Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has doubled down on attacking Israel over its war against the terrorist organization Hamas following the Oct. 7 massacre of Israeli civilians.

Omar took to X on Saturday to say "U.S. policy is essentially that Netanyahu has no achievable goals in Gaza and a ground invasion risks regional war, including potential US troops. And also we should give him $14 billion in weapons with no restrictions, and say there are no red lines as he bombs refugee camps."

On top of repeating unverifiable information, Omar continues to carry water for Hamas.

Democrats like Omar understand that they can't openly support terrorists, so instead they play both sides and attempt to equate the side effects of Israel's ground war with the barbaric terrorism of Hamas.

Omar along with a sizable number of Democrats responded to the war between Israel and Hamas by sponsoring a resolution that called for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

Democrats don't seem to understand that until Hamas is destroyed, civilians on both sides of this conflict will continue to suffer and die. Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the eradication of the Jewish people, and that means peace is impossible.