IDF confirms in video that Hamas placed rocket launchers near children's playgrounds

November 6, 2023

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed in an announcement on Sunday that Hamas had placed rocket launchers near sites where civilians would be put at extreme risk as human shields against Israeli retaliation.

A statement from the IDF explained, "During fighting in the Gaza Strip, IDF soldiers are exposing how the Hamas terror organization systematically uses civilian facilities for its terror activity. IDF soldiers located rocket launchers near a children’s swimming pool, as well as launch pits and rocket launchers in an old children’s playground in the Gaza Strip. This is further proof of Hamas’ deliberate use of civilian infrastructure and civilians – including children – as human shields for its military operations."

Hamas is waging a campaign of terror against Israel while also waging a PR war against Israel by placing civilians in harm's way and then running to the international community when civilians are caught in the crossfire.

Democrats have enabled this despicable behavior by swallowing propaganda spread by Hamas and its many allies in the Middle East.

While Israel has long presented evidence of Hamas using human shields to protect rocket launchers, the ground invasion has given them the ability to see these sites in person.

The people of Gaza don't matter to Hamas, and its leaders will sacrifice those people to achieve the destruction of Israel and the eradication of the Jewish people.

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