Idaho governor signs bill allowing executions by firing squad

By Jen Krausz on
 March 28, 2023

Idaho Governor Brad Little (R) became the fifth governor to authorize executions by firing squad, signing a bill to that effect on Friday as companies that make the drugs used in lethal injections are beginning to balk at having them used in capital punishment cases.

The Associated Press noted that “one Idaho death row inmate has already had his execution postponed repeatedly because of drug scarcity," so the Idaho legislature came up with firing squads as an alternative.

Mississippi, Utah, Oklahoma, and South Carolina have passed similar laws, while other states are turning to the electric chair to solve the problem.

Little sent a letter to Idaho House Speaker Mike Moyle (R) stating that he supports the use of capital punishment and stating that firing squads should be used in a way that “[minimizes] stress on corrections personnel.”

Firing squads will only be used when drugs are not available, Little said.

It's an example of how companies are involving themselves in morality questions and what they call "social responsibility," rather than supplying demand.