Hunter Biden's Tax Returns Were In His Trunk Instead Of Filed With IRS

 December 9, 2023

Regular Americans are expected to have their tax returns filed on time, and we're threatened with severe penalties if we don't get it done on the schedule our government tells us to.

Unfortunately, not everybody in America has to live by those rules, especially if you're the son of an uber-powerful liberal politician.

Of course, I'm talking about America's disgraced first son, Hunter Biden.

Not only did Hunter Biden completely neglect to file his individual tax return for 2016 until 2020, but the papers were also supposedly sitting in the trunk of Hunter Biden's car for a good portion of that time.

Regardless of what those papers said, if it had to do with official government business, especially owing the government money, you had better believe that an ordinary American would have been asked to account for their whereabouts by then.

"On March 9, 2018, the Defendant's ex-wife texted him that she had discovered their unfiled 2016 tax returns in the trunk of his car," prosecutors said in the recent indictment of Hunter Biden. "The Defendant responded telling her, 'The taxes are filed those were copies with the personal assistant's notes.' The tax returns had not been filed."