Hunter Biden's Plea Deal Has Been Withdrawn

 August 18, 2023

Hunter Biden's sweetheart plea deal is officially DEAD.

Special Counsel David Weiss recently said in a court filing that the controversial plea agreement has been officially withdrawn.

That means that the claims of Hunter Biden's legal team that their client can no longer be held accountable for his crimes are now officially completely false.

Hunter Biden's attorneys accused the American government of reneging on a "previously agreed-upon Plea Agreement."

Prosecutors asserted that the claim isn't true at all.

"First, the Government did not ‘renege’ on the ‘previously agreed-upon Plea Agreement,’ as the Defendant inaccurately asserts in the first substantive sentence of his response," prosecutors said. “The Defendant chose to plead not guilty at the hearing on July 26, 2023, and U.S. Probation declined to approve the proposed diversion agreement at that hearing. Thus, neither proposed agreement entered into effect."

"In sum, because Ms. Bray, acting in her capacity as the Chief United States Probation Officer, did not approve the now-withdrawn diversion agreement, it never went into effect and, therefore, none of its terms are binding on either party," prosecutors concluded. "The Government’s statement that the Agreement goes into effect if the Court signs it is a recognition that the signature of Margaret M. Bray, Chief United States Probation Officer for the District of Delaware, was necessary to put the agreement into effect, and that Ms. Bray is the head of an office within the Court and would be acting at the Court’s direction as was made clear at the hearing when Ms. Bray declined to sign and approve the agreement."