Hunter Biden's Lottery Email Proves Biden Corruption Mindset

 August 5, 2023

New emails released this week have uncovered a bit of a slogan that Hunter Biden used to describe the mischief that he and his father have been getting up to over the last decade.

"The Bidens don't gamble."

Emails to Devon Archer (who has since turned on the Biden crime family) reveal that Hunter Biden said he doesn't "believe in lottery tickets anymore, but I do believe in the super chairman."

Hunter Biden never had to gamble, because why would he?

Instead of ever taking on any risk, Hunter Biden just floated his dad's name around everywhere and used Joe Biden's status in America's government to get and do whatever he wanted.

No-show consulting jobs? Check.

The power to blackmail and bribe and profit millions of dollars? Check.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars for lousy pieces of "art"? Check.

Hunter Biden's whole life is built off of two things.

Joe Biden and corruption.

Make that one thing, they're the same anyway.