Hunter Biden's child support case may be over, but nightmare for Biden family continues

Hunter Biden recently settled a child support case with the mother of his youngest daughter, 4-year-old girl Navy Joan Roberts. However, the Biden family is still attempting to hide the scandal from the public.

President Joe Biden has tried to convince Americans that he is a devoted family man but has so far refused to acknowledge Roberts as one of his grandchildren. In fact, Hunter Biden's child support case was so contentious in part because of Hunter Biden's refusal to allow his surname to be passed to his daughter.

Hunter Biden's treatment of both Lunden Roberts and Navy Joan Roberts is disgusting. Roberts became pregnant during an affair, but it didn't take long for Biden to abandon both her and the child, and it took a lawsuit to prove paternity.

Despite all of that, President Joe Biden stated publicly, “I’m very proud of my son," despite his cocaine addiction and attempts to abandon his daughter.

On Father's Day, President Biden issued a statement saying that his own dad "taught me that, above all, family is the beginning, middle and end — a lesson I have passed down to my children and grandchildren."

Those lessons aren't extended to Navy Joan Roberts, however, because the Biden family is refusing to acknowledge her. So much for the Biden family's family values.