Hunter Biden's Baby Mama Wants Hunter In Jail

 April 25, 2023

While Hunter Biden continues to try and reduce his child support payments, lawyers for Lunden Roberts, Hunter's baby mama, are asking for the first son to be incarcerated until he hands over financial records in an ongoing paternity case.

Documents filed with the Independence County court show the Arkansas court has been petitioned to jail Hunter until he complies with requests for financial records to be handed over and reviewed.

Hunter has not readily provided Roberts with the financial records her lawyers have requested.

The Independence County court previously ruled that Hunter’s financial records, once surrendered, will remain under seal and out of public view.

"This court should incarcerate the defendant in the Cleburne County Detention Center until he complies with this court’s orders and answers discovery," Roberts’ lawyer wrote.

"Hunter’s financial records are relevant to Roberts because Hunter has requested the court reduce his monthly child support payments. Hunter has argued his income has decreased in recent months, so therefore he should pay less money to the mother of his child," reported Breitbart.

"But conveying the financial documents could reveal to Roberts' legal team sensitive information about Hunter’s financial position, including any income from art sales and information about a 10 percent stake in BHR Partners, a Chinese state-backed investment fund Hunter cofounded with Chinese private equity executive Jonathan Li," according to Breitbart.

The request to jail Hunter comes as there is speculation that he could be living with President Joe Biden at the White House in an effort to avoid being served legal papers.