Hunter Biden took video of himself smoking crack while driving

Newly uploaded photos from Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop reveal that he filmed himself smoking crack behind the wheel of his Porsche in 2018.

The crack-smoking Porsche is the same one he photographed himself driving at 172 miles per hour.

Biden is seen showing the camera what looks like a crack pipe and then smoking it while cruising through a residential neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia.

The video took place on June 12, 2018, according to meta data from the photos, which were uploaded to Marco Polo.

Not even two months later, Biden was seen racing to Las Vegas. That's when he when he took a photo of the car’s dashboard, showing that his speed was 172 mph.

'The pictures were found on Biden’s infamous laptop, which also contained messages to multiple women waiting for him to arrive in Sin City for a hot tub party," Breitbart reported, citing the Daily Mail.

"I don’t have a bathing suit and I really really wanted to wear a cute bathing suit," one woman named "Cheryl" wrote to Hunter Biden.

"But I don’t have any money to buy one so then I’m just going to have to be naked right?" Cheryl asked Biden.

Hunter Biden has previously said he admits to a past of being high while behind the wheel.

A woman at the Vegas party wrote to Biden: "Honestly babe the problem is you have too many girls there."

She added: "I understand you like a lot of girls. That’s fine do one at a time."

"The Vegas trip appears to have taken place during the weeks-long bender Hunter Biden admitted to going on during a January 2019 conversation with a hooker, which was caught on video when he forgot to turn off his laptop camera after having sex with her," reported Breitbart.

The crack smoking incident happened while Biden was driving down Old Dominion Drive, which is near the Washington Golf and Country Club. Biden can be seen driving with a crack pipe in hand.

"Biden was driving himself to the Washington Dulles Airport after missing his flight to Los Angeles the day before," according to Breitbart News.