Hunter Biden testifies in court for Fathers Day weekend

 June 20, 2023

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, appeared in a Little Rock, Arkansas court to testify in a long-running child support dispute between himself and the mother of his child, ex-stripper Lunden Roberts.

The case involved Biden's daughter, Navy Joan Roberts, who is four years old.

The younger Roberts has been a subject of controversy as the Biden family has done everything to ignore her existence. Hunter Biden didn't acknowledge her until he was compelled to by a court in 2020 following a paternity test.

Fox News reported that "Hunter Biden, the 53-year-old son of President Joe Biden, was deposed in his fiery child support case in Little Rock, Arkansas, on Friday. Roberts’ legal team is also fighting for the child to use Biden’s surname. Roberts attorney Clint Lancaster reportedly said that he is seeking criminal contempt against Biden, meaning that the president’s son could possibly face jail time, according to the Democrat-Gazette."

Considering the other legal troubles Biden is dealing with, he must be regretting trying to hide Roberts.

Biden is already the target of an investigation by the House Oversight Committee for corrupt business transactions, and fighting two massive legal battles is far from ideal.