Hunter Biden Spy Scandal Linked To White House

A new bombshell report reveals that at least 11 of the signatories on the spy letter discrediting the Hunter Biden laptop story as Russian disinformation have made "numerous visits" to the Biden White House.

"Between October 2021 and January 2023, at least 11 of the letter signers visited the White House a total of 24 times, according to visitor logs," reported the Washington Examiner.

Recent testimony of one of the letter's drafters, Mike Morell, also former deputy CIA director, reveals that the visits from the signatories to the White House underscore that the purpose of the letter was to help Joe Biden win the presidency.

Before the testimony came out, the Biden campaign had said the letter was a bipartisan expression of concern by patriotic former intelligence officials.

The report suggested the signatories did not gain from the effort.

Three letter signers were eventually appointed for top positions in the Biden administration.

"Everyone who signed that letter had something to gain," a former top White House official under both Joe Biden and Trump said. "They’ve washed themselves with the ability to say they were nonpartisan."

"The former White House official said the visitor’s logs may only show a snippet of how visitors actually spent their time inside the White House," reported Breitbart. "These people are seasoned D.C. intelligence players," the former official said. "They know how to navigate the White House quite well."