Hunter Biden spotted at pro-Israel rally in California

October 14, 2023

Much of the world has rallied with Israel in the wake of the surprise and deadly terror attacks that rocked the country last week at the hands of the Iran-backed Hamas terrorist organization.

According to Breitbart, rallies for Israel took place across the country over the past week, and many of them drew high-profile politicians and celebrities -- and sons of politicians.

President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, who currently faces an indictment over firearms charges, was spotted at a Malibu, California-based Israel rally last week.

Breitbart noted:

Nearly 100 local supporters of Israel gathered along the Pacific Coast Highway, waving Israeli flags and holding signs urging that the hostages — estimated at more than 100 — taken by Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad organization be set free.

At the Malibut rally, Hunter Biden joined a rabbit in a ceremony that involves wrapping verses from the Torah around the arm and head with a leather strap, known as tefillin.

It was noted that Hunter Biden's wife, Melissa Cohen, is Jewish and South African.

Breitbart added:

According to the Daily Mail, the two have matching tattoos of the word “shalom,” the customary greeting meaning “peace.”

In stark contrast to the numerous pro-Israel rallies that took place over the past, week, there were multiple pro-Palestine and pro-Hamas rallies, too. Many of such rallies occurred at or near major college campuses and in major U.S. cities.

Many pointed out that even many Palestinians are not Hamas supporters, but are unfortunately controlled by the terror group within the Gaza Strip.

But in numerous interviews with anti-Israel protesters, many remained in denial that Hamas committed horrific acts against innocent Israelies, including the murdering of babies and sexual assault of women.

The anti-Israel protesters are also refusing to acknowledge that Israeli leadership is making every effort to encourage Palestinians to evacuate before it launches a massive ground invasion with the intent of clearing out those who make up the ranks of the Hamas organization.

It's still unclear when the invasion will take place, though it's expected sooner than later.

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