Hunter Biden Sought Irish Investments In 2011

 April 14, 2023

Hunter Biden and the rest of the "Biden family business" have NEVER had the best interests of America in mind.

One thing to prove that is the fact that despite Joe Biden being America's vice president in 2011, Hunter Biden was still trying to bet on other countries instead of America. If the Bidens really believed that they were doing what's right for America, they wouldn't have been trying to make money by investing in Ireland.

America's current first family should be betting on America, not against us.

On March 8, 2011, the Biden family's top financial lieutenant Eric Schwerin, associate Devon Archer, and Hunter Biden conversed over email about the potential of investing in Ireland.

Archer wanted the group to follow up on business ideas located in Ireland, not America.

"Ideas we could follow up on, Ireland- ask for intro through Rooney." the email said.

Dan Rooney was America's ambassador to Ireland, who was appointed by the same administration that Joe Biden was a part of.

The corruption runs deep my friends.

It is unclear if these business deals ever did come to fruition or not.