Whistleblower: Political Interference In Hunten Biden Probe Ongoing For Years

An IRS agent working with federal prosecutors and investigators on the Hunter Biden tax probe says the agency has been ignoring his team's warnings regarding the Hunter Biden case.

The warnings were about improprieties by Justice Department officials supervising the case.

"The allegation appeared in a May 18 letter the agent sent to IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel, and it was made public Monday evening as part of a whistleblower package his supervisor sent Congress and the Office of Special Counsel, the government's official whistleblower protection agency," reported JustTheNews.

"Last week, attorneys for an IRS supervisory special agent (SSA) informed Congress that the DOJ had removed their client and his entire team from the investigation in what they deemed an act of retaliation," according to JustTheNews.

The SSA said that federal prosecutors engaged in "preferential treatment and politics" in an effort to prevent charges from being filed against Hunter Biden.

The whistleblower also alleged that his whole team had been pushed aside after he made what should have been protected disclosures.

Additionally, the whistleblower asserted that Biden's team refused to grant Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss permission to investigate Hunter Biden within their jurisdictions, severely limiting the ability of Weiss to investigate charges against Hunter.