Hunter Biden Report Is Terrible For Joe Biden - Critical Condition...

July 22, 2022

The time for speculation and conspiracies are done, the thought that Hunter Biden is going to face criminal charges very soon are very, very real.

It seems almost surreal because of how long Hunter Biden has been getting away with his nonsense.

The man knows his dad is a very old and powerful man, so Hunter has spent most of his energy trying to manipulate his dad in recent years.


Hunter must think that it beats working.

How else would you explain his "painting" sales to anonymous donors, I mean buyers. Or what about his filthy laptop that he lied about time and time again?

What about his Chinese business partners that Joe Biden just sold America's oil reserves to like we didn't need them?

Hunter Biden is a parasite, sucking blood from American taxpayers.

But his run may be coming to an end. If the criminal charges stick, hopefully we'll be saying the same thing about Daddy Joe very, very soon.

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