Hunter Biden Payments To Joe Coincided With Chinese Transfers: Report

 December 6, 2023

The latest evidence yielded by Hunter Biden’s subpoenaed bank records is damning for President Joe Biden.

Joe Biden received money from Hunter Biden during the same time the latter was receiving payments from China.

At a glance, receiving a payment from your son might not seem like much, but to investigators who have been studying the Biden family closely, this transaction is part of an emerging pattern.

Hunter Biden’s Owasco PC bank account was receiving funds from Hudson West III, a venture involving CEFC China Energy executives.

According to evidence uncovered to date, Joe Biden and Hunter Biden’s financial affairs have long been much more intertwined than Joe Biden has let on.

While Joe Biden has claimed innocence, sticking to the story of not knowing what his son had been up to overseas, the evidence could be telling a different story.

This does not look good for the president, and with an impeachment inquiry right around the corner, he should be panicking.