Hunter Biden Paying $20K Per Month In Child Support

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden have already disowned granddaughter Navy Joan Roberts from their family, and the girl's own father, Hunter Biden, is trying to do the same.

Hunter is fighting HARD in court to reduce the payments he is supposed to be sending to his daughter's mother. Additionally, he is doing all that he can to make sure the child he had out of wedlock with a stripper NEVER uses the Biden family name to get the same advantages he has.

Abbe Lowell, is Hunter Biden's high-powered lawyer.

He explained that Hunter Biden shouldn't have to continue making his $20,000 monthly child support payments to Navy's mother because Hunter is "unemployed."

"Mr. Biden is paying the plaintiff $20,000 a month," Lowell said. Adding that he can no longer afford to do so because he has "no monthly income."

The problem with that statement?

Hunter seems to have PLENTY of money for lawyers, on whom experts estimate America's first son is spending over $100,000 PER MONTH.

So, he doesn't have money for child support, but has five times that amount to pay lawyers fighting for his right not to pay?

Backwards Biden logic if I've ever heard it.