Hunter Biden paid an absurd 50k a month in rent to his father according to new document fueling money laundering allegations

 January 16, 2023

Hunter Biden has been under intense scrutiny lately, and a new document discovered by the New York Post’s Miranda Devine found that Hunter Biden was paying an insane $49,910 in rent when he was living at Joe Biden's residence.

This was the same residence where multiple classified documents were discovered recently.

This document that Devine discovered indicates that there was some sort of money laundering occurring and Hunter Biden was funneling immense sums of cash to his father.

Oversight Committee chair Representative James Comer (R-KY) is already investigating Hunter Biden for wire fraud and has requested his banking records.

His team will certainly want to know more about why Hunter Biden was paying $50,000 a month in rent to his father for a year.

It's long been known that there is some sort of unethical business conducted by President Biden through his son, and we are now that much closer to discovering the true extent of the corrupt Biden family business.