Hunter Biden Laptop Complicating His Claims In Child Support Case

 May 8, 2023

Hunter Biden is working very hard to keep his laptop away from a child support case he is fighting in Arkansas.

Biden's legal team argued against admitting testimony about Hunter's laptop, saying the laptop was "abandoned sometime in 2019" and that the financial information on the laptop would be outdated.

"While apparently acknowledging that the records and financial information on the laptop were actually Hunter Biden's, the motion filed by his legal team said it was 'not an acknowledgment of ownership or abandonment' of the device," reported JustTheNews.

"Evidence of Defendant's income from three years ago and beyond would not tend to prove his income today," said Hunter Biden's team of lawyers. "Thus, the Court should exclude any expert testimony related to the laptop as not relevant."

This next part is hilarious.

The motion has since been withdrawn, but there has been no reason given for that. There was a public hearing in which one of Hunter's lawyers was asked to clarify if he was speaking about Hunter's laptop. The lawyer said he did not know. Later, a judge said that Hunter would just have to come to court himself and answer such questions. The withdrawal was issued after that public hearing.

"Biden has been paying $20,000 a month in child support since 2020, after a 2019 DNA test confirmed that the now 4-year-old child of 32-year-old Lunden Roberts, a stripper who worked at a club in Washington and had a brief affair with the now 53-year-old son of President Biden, is Hunter's child," reported the New York Post.