Hunter Biden may have sent Burisma classified document from dad's stash

By Jen Krausz on
 April 4, 2023

According to House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY), Hunter Biden may have sent Burisma a classified document taken from the stash found at his father's residence in Delaware.

“We don’t the know the true extent of what he [Joe Biden] has done,” Comer told Maria Bartiromo. “All we know is he had classified documents scattered all over the place dating back to the time as U.S. senator."

“There is one document in particular that I can tell you from my investigation of Biden family influence peddling that we are very concerned about with respect to the document that Hunter Biden sent to officials at Burisma in Ukraine,” Comer went on.

“It was a government document. We are concerned that it may have been one of the classified documents,” he added.

The DOJ and other officials are stonewalling the oversight committee over what documents were taken from Joe Biden's residences and office as the committee probes whether Biden could have used his position as vice president to gain money and favors from overseas businesses in Ukraine and other countries.

At one point in 2017, Hunter Biden lived in his parents' residence where documents were found, according to the New York Post, giving him access to documents stored there.