Hunter Biden Lived in House With Classified Docs While On Chinese Payroll

 January 19, 2023

Hunter Biden was addicted to drugs, knocking boots with prostitutes, and in bed with the Chinese government. He was also reportedly living in Joe Biden's home. The very home where Biden's classified document scandal just blew up.

That means while Hunter Biden was "making deals with businessmen tied to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence," and high off his booty, Hunter Biden had access to the classified documents his father removed from government buildings.

Who knows what Hunter could have done?

Who knows what those secrets are worth?

The only layer of security between America's most sensitive information and the Chinese government was Hunter Biden's conscience.

I think I'm going to be sick.

As the Biden whistleblower Tony Bobulinski reveals more and more and Hunter Biden's laptop is thoroughly combed through, we are more and more sure of what we knew from the very beginning.

The Bidens love the Bidens a lot more than they love America.