Hunter Biden lawyers furious over collapse of plea deal

By Jen Krausz on
 July 28, 2023

The collapse of the Hunter Biden plea deal has left his lawyers furious, according to reports.

Judge Maryellen Noreika picked apart the plea agreement, rejecting the blanket immunity it seemed to give Biden against other crimes and discovering that the prosecution and defense teams were interpreting some of its tenets differently.

The defense saw the deal as the end of the David Weiss investigation into Biden, but Weiss said the first son is still under investigation.

Noreika pointed out that she was expected to just rubber stamp the agreement, and that wasn't an appropriate role for a judge.

The two sides couldn't come together even after three hours, so she said no deal, at least for now. Biden ended up pleading not guilty to the two tax charges, although that could change if an agreement still ends up happening.

Both sides now have four to six weeks to clarify things and come up with something Noreika will accept.