Hunter Biden Investigation Could Begin Soon

November 22, 2022

A Harris Poll recently revealed liberals' worst nightmare: Americans are tired of their bias.

Despite the red wave we were all hoping for not really coming in 2022 midterms, that result might have been more reflective of low-quality Republican candidates as opposed to a lack of disgust toward liberals.

There's plenty of ill will being aimed at liberals on account of their fierce nepotism, especially in the case of the Bidens.

Hunter Biden is a complete failure who would be nothing but a drug addict without his father. Because of his father, Hunter's nothing but a drug addict with enough money to do whatever he wants.

And Americans are starting to demand answers as to why he keeps getting away with it.

The Harris Poll revealed that two-thirds of Americans think that House Republicans need to investigate Hunter Biden.

Only time will tell who's the filthier little gremlin: Hunter Biden or Dirty Daddy Joe.

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