Hunter Biden investigated for 'unregistered foreign agent' activity

 June 20, 2024

Hunter Biden hasn't been honest with America for a while.

There have been allegations of bribery and all sorts of other money and power-related crimes, AND Hunter was just convicted on three felonies related to drug and gun charges.

This does NOT sound like someone who should be setting an example for the next generation of Americans, but because of his family name, he has been propped up by the liberals in this country.

A new report is now claiming that Hunter Biden has been "actively investigated by Delaware’s U.S. attorney, David Weiss, for being an unregistered foreign agent, which is a felony, as recently as 2023," and that investigation may still continue today.

We KNEW there was something off about Hunter Biden, and David Weiss apparently saw it as well.

Whether Biden actually faces any consequences for this is quite a different story.

Being the president's son has gotten Hunter a lot of leeway so far, but will it help him escape this mess as well?

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