Hunter Biden Criminal Report Stuns Nation - Here Are The Details...

July 21, 2022

After being proven wrong on the first wave of Hunter Biden scandals, the Democrats are changing their approach going into round two.

Their initial strategy was to simply deny Hunter ever did anything wrong, despite everyone in the country knowing that he had.

Once they're finally forced to admit that he did all those things they swore he didn't, they were forced to adopt a new strategy:

Pretending the things he did weren't actually bad and that the GOP are the crazy ones for having a problem with Hunter.

They honestly want to excuse his naked escapades, drunken orgies, crack binges, business deals, and illegal laptop.

To them, none of those issues matter.


Hunter's a Democrat.

That's why liberals like Paul Begala are actually calling Hunter a hero and saying he needs respect, not jail time.

"I wish Hunter Biden well," Begala began. "He struggled with addiction, and, you know, nobody has charged him with anything. But this has been a Republican fixation to no avail. They have got no political gain out of this. I looked up Ron Johnson, the senator from Wisconsin, a couple of months ago, was asked about mass shootings … He said, ‘Before we pass anything new on guns, let’s enforce the law we already have. Let’s start with Hunter Biden.’ What the heck? So it’s a challenge for Hunter Biden. I wish him well, but it’s not going to be a political issue."

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