Hunter Biden Considering Launching $100K Monthly Legal Defense Fund

 February 7, 2023

Things have gotten so bad for Hunter Biden that he's reportedly considering creating a legal defense fund to cover the charges of his high-powered attorneys. It reportedly is costing about $1.2 MILLION yearly to keep Hunter Biden out of trouble.

What's so disturbing about this is not that Hunter is considering it. We know he's a sick little boy who is NEVER going to make the morally right decision. What's interesting is who would EVER be down to foot a $100,000 monthly bill to keep Hunter Biden out of jail.

Some of the crimes that Hunter is being accused of committing are tax fraud, gun violations, and wire fraud.

Right now, Hunter needs all of the friends he can get. It's just that he has to buy them, but he can't afford to. So, he wants somebody else to foot the bill.

I can't be the only one who sees just how wrong this is.