Hunter Biden Claimed In 2018 He'd Paid Father's Bills For 'Past 11 Years'

 August 16, 2023

Joe Biden swears up and down that he NEVER had any involvement in his son Hunter's business activities.

You don't have to be a sassy daytime talk show host to be able to determine pretty easily that that's a lie.

A 2018 text thread between Hunter Biden and his assistant, Katie Dodge, has all the proof you need.

In it, Hunter Biden said that Joe Biden had been charging things to a line of credit that Hunter Biden had been covering for the last 11 years, writing:

My dad has been using most lines on this account which I’ve through the gracious offerings of Eric Schwerin have paid for past 11 years.

Let me ask you this:

What do you think Hunter Biden owed Joe Biden for?

If you think that Hunter was just being a nice son, I've got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

Americans aren't stupid, we can connect the dots.

They're criminals. All of them.