Hunter Biden Case Makes Americans Have Tough Time Trusting Joe

October 17, 2023

Investigations into Hunter Biden are showing Americans just how despicable the first son is, but there's somebody else as well who isn't coming out of this smelling like roses.

Daddy Joe Biden.

It would appear as though with each new Hunter Biden crime that gets uncovered, America starts to realize a little bit more how he was able to get away with things for so long.

Joe Biden was covering for him.

Even if Joe Biden wasn't directly and literally involved with everything that Hunter Biden did, he was still involved with everything that his son did.

Hunter Biden has no real career or skills; his closest thing to a skill is the ability to name-drop his own father.

Without Daddy Joe around, Hunter Biden wouldn't be collecting absurd salaries working as an energy consultant, he Hunter Biden wouldn't be collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars for garbage artwork, and he would be paying his fair share of child support.

America can't trust Biden. Any of them.

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