Hunter Biden And Pals Earned $10,000,000 from Overseas Than Previously Reported

 August 11, 2023

Not only did Hunter Biden and his little gang earn an absurd amount of money by selling out America overseas, but we've also recently learned that they actually hauled in about $10,000,000 more than previously thought.

Most Americans will never make that much money in multiple lifetimes, but that's the type of cash with whichHunter Biden was being rewarded for selling out America all over the globe.

The House Oversight Committee recently discovered that Hunter Biden and his criminal buddies had brought in over $20,000,000 total by throwing the weight of the Biden name around the globe while Joe was America's vice president.

That number has doubled since May, when the panel only knew about $10,000,000 of the stash.

Hunter Biden had better be ready to pay the price for his actions.

If Joe Biden and his team of lawyers are actually going to try to claim that no crimes occurred, then they are going to have a very hard time turning the spotlight on Donald Trump's crimes.

The Biden family has already proven that they are nothing but liars, so we're not going to believe a single thing they say about Trump.

With each passing day, liberals in America are exposed to be more and more corrupt.