Human Skeletal Remains Found Just Off Trial In Joshua Tree National Park

 February 1, 2024

Police have made a disturbing discovery at Joshua Tree National Park.

Human remains were found in a northern region of Joshua Tree called Twentynine Palms.

Riverside County Sheriff’s office released a recent statement announcing the discovery.

“Federal Park Rangers were alerted to the discovery by researchers and requested the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office and the Riverside County Coroner’s Bureau to respond. The Coroner’s Bureau arrived at the scene and assumed the investigation,” the statement said.

While the identity of the deceased has not been confirmed, the National Park Service website has confirmed that a backpack found near the remains belonged to Trammell Evans, who has been missing since April 2023.

Police are still currently investigating the identity of the body as well as the cause of death.

We also do not know how long the body was there prior to being recovered by police.

Do you think the body belongs to 25-year-old Trammell Evans who went missing in the park nearly a year ago?