CNN Ratings Tank In Wake Of Trump Town Hall

 June 3, 2023

Far-left CNN is in trouble, and the network has Donald Trump to thank for the crash.

In the month of May, CNN attracted a disappointing average of 494,000 total primetime viewers.

"CNN, a left-wing propaganda outlet that spreads conspiracy theories and violence, was at least able to attract over a half-million viewers in the previous month of April—587,000. Still, that was no accomplishment. In the cable news game, 587,000 primetime viewers are about as impressive as zero primetime viewers. And yet, in May, CNN lost another 93,000 viewers, a drop of 16 percent," reports John Nolte of Breitbart.

According to reports, the number for CNN reveals a downward trend in viewership. The outlet could see a dip below 400,000 in June, which would be awesome.

Here's what Trump has to do with the fall of CNN.

In an effort to boost ratings, CNN hosted a town hall with former President Trump, and he completely dominated over the anchor CNN sent in to embarrass him.

Instead, Trump controlled the evening, dominating the anchor, and making a very good case as to why he should be reelected president. Now, CNN's viewers are infuriated that CNN made such a mistake and they are leaving, thus dwindling viewership.

"CNN is a trash outfit that could never survive in a merit-based television environment, one where its only revenue stream came from advertising rates based on viewership numbers," wrote Nolte. "What keeps this trash outlet alive are all the fools who still subscribe to cable and satellite TV."

The town hall took place on May 10, so with a full month of post-Trump life over at CNN, June's ratings are expected to be even more brutal.

Additionally, Fox News lost a third of its primetime viewers in May as well, probably due to the firing of primetime anchor Tucker Carlson.