Mike Huckabee Endorses Trump's 2024 Presidential Run

 March 29, 2023

Former Republican Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has officially said he endorses former President Donald Trump for a 2024 run for office.

Huckabee has said Trump helped do more for America than any president in his lifetime.

"Huckabee, who himself ran for president in 2016 before endorsing Donald Trump, likened his support for the former president to selecting a qualified surgeon who might otherwise be rough around the edges personally," reports Breitbart.

"When people ask how could I support him? I say, well, it’s like choosing a doctor to do surgery on a member of my family. If my choice was between a kind, loving, praying surgeon, who had the bedside manner of a pastor, but who had never successfully done that particular surgery…," Huckabee said.

"Or I could pick a surgeon who was gruff, bombastic, and impatient, and who had the bedside manner of a schoolyard bully, but he had successfully done that surgery hundreds of times. I’d pick the guy with the questionable personality, but with the skillful, experienced surgical hands," Huckabee concluded.

Huckabee's opinion is that President Donald Trump did more to implement America First policies than any president of his lifetime, including Ronald Reagan.

"There were presidents who were more articulate and had a more engaging sense of humor, such as Kennedy and Reagan," said Huckabee. "There were some who had great legislative savvy, such as Lyndon Johnson. Some were truly decent and kind human beings — Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush. But no president, no president, helped this country get steered away from the insanity of socialist economics and insane policies on energy, the military, and the proper role of the courts."

Huckabee asked that voters still support Trump despite his imperfections.

"Donald Trump is far from perfect, but then, so am I," said Huckabee. "And so are you. But I love my country, and I don’t want it to be in second place or third place. I want it to be first."