Howie Carr: 'I Don't See Any Way To Stop Trump'

 August 29, 2023

Radio host Howie Carr has just made a recent admission about Donald Trump that people are going to LOVE or HATE, with pretty much no ground in between.

He doesn't think there's any way that Trump will blow his current lead in the Republican primaries.

Trump's lead is just too big.

There are too many people supporting Trump these days, and that number just seems to grow with each indictment liberals bring against him.

Democrats think that they're making Trump look like a fool by repeatedly arresting him, but the exact opposite is happening.

Ironically, Trump looks more and more trustworthy as each indictment comes, proving his point that this was all a politically motivated witch hunt all along.

Carr thinks that the lead Trump has right now is just too much for his Republican challengers to overcome.

"I don’t think there’s any way Trump could be stopped at this point. I mean, especially with as many people as there are in the field, I mean, it’s just going to split it up," Carr said. "I don't see any way to stop Trump unless something unexpected happens at this point."

Maybe Vivek Ramaswamy or Ron DeSantis would be able to explain how Trump could lose, but the rest of America is having a harder and harder time believing it.