House Republican says evidence against Joe Biden is 'overwhelming'

By Jen Krausz on
 December 20, 2023

Rep. Dan Meuser (R-PA) said that evidence against President Joe Biden is "overwhelming" during a Newsmax appearance on Tuesday while discussing Hunter Biden's defiance of a subpoena last week.

Meuser started out by saying that Hunter Biden broke the law when he defied the congressional subpoena on Wednesday and quickly brought the president into the situation.

"And he pretty much does whatever he wants," Meuser said. "But here he's defying the law, it's pretty amazing. I mean the amount of evidence against him and [President] Joe Biden is overwhelming."

Meuser gave concrete numbers and characterized the situation in a way that hasn't been publicly done before.

He said:

I mean, it's just astonishing how 90% of the media states that there's no evidence against Joe Biden when there's 16 times he's lied, 22 contacts with the international arch criminals, from the Communist Chinese Party to the mayor of Moscow. … And it's just an endless amount, you know, so we're just going to keep on pushing based upon the evidence to find out what happened here and why they were paid millions of dollars from the darkest corner of the Earth.

He also pointed out that Biden's claim that payments to him were "loan payments" would still be considered tax evasion by the IRS if he couldn't produce a signed agreement and a promissory note, which he has not done.