House Oversight Committee finds monumental evidence of Biden's corruption, impeachable offenses uncovered

The House Oversight Committee's hard work investigating the Biden family's shady business deals has paid off. We now have evidence that President Joe Biden endangered our national security by selling us out to enrich himself.

The committee found that President Biden received over $10 million in foreign money that was routed through shell companies and LLCs created to hide the transactions and protect the Biden family.

The committee's chairman, Representative James Comer (R-KY), has found that nine members of the Biden family received money from Joe Biden's influence peddling schemes.

The big question centers on who exactly was paying these massive sums to the Biden family. We don't know the answer to that question thanks to the lengths that the Biden family went to in order to hide the payments in the first place.

The shell companies and the multiple transactions between those companies, which would only be done in order to hide where the money came from, prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Biden family has been engaged in a corrupt scheme for years.

The question now is what Republicans will do with this information. The FBI and the nation's intelligence community will never work against the Democrat Party, so the only option left is to impeach the president for selling America out.