House GOP Takes Aim At Jack Smith

 June 15, 2023

Special Counsel Jack Smith was probably aware that he eventually was going to become quite a target on which conservatives would vent their frustrations.

That's why he's kept a low profile since he was tabbed in November to investigate former President Donald Trump.

Now that the Trump indictment is here, it's not going to be possible for Smith to avoid answering his critics any longer.

House Republicans have been furious at the country's liberals ever since this mess started last year. Not only did Attorney General Merrick Garland authorize an illegal raid on Trump's home, but he's also going to let Jack Smith use the evidence it yielded to prosecute the former president. Appointing Smith to investigate Trump did nothing other than CONFIRM that the raid on Trump's property was politically motivated.

Lawmakers like Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jim Jordan have already started pushing back against Smith, pointing out numerous lies that liberals have been telling about this whole situation.

Even Trump thinks that Smith is nothing but the leader of a "witch hunt."

"He’s a big Trump hater; openly, he’s a Trump hater," the former president said of Smith.