House GOP leaders threaten Jack Smith with congressional subpoena

 December 23, 2023

House Republicans have taken the lead on investigating the Biden family, and they've vowed to bring them to justice if need be.

Now, some House GOP leaders are turning their sights on Special Counsel Jack Smith -- to the point that they're threatening to subpoena him over "evenhanded justice" in the treatment of former President Donald Trump's multiple cases.

According to JustTheNews, Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs demanded Smith and his team turn over a large number of documents related to the Trump case, or face congressional subpoena action.

The two Republican leaders penned a scathing letter calling out Smith's practices.

"Based on publicly available information, the Committee has significant concerns about your commitment to evenhanded justice," the GOP lawmakers wrote.

They added, "You have a record of attempting to criminalize political discourse, as evidence by your reported interest in how the Justice Department could prosecute conservative tax-exempt groups engaging in constitutionally protected political speech."

JustTheNews noted:

In the letter, the pair drew attention to allegations that a top aide to Smith, Jay Bratt, improperly pressured an attorney representing a defendant in Smith's case. In September, Jordan demanded Smith account for the allegations that Bratt had attempted to convince attorney Stanley Woodward to convince Walt Nauta to cooperate with the probe. Nauta is a defendant in the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case.

The demand letter asked Smith to hand over documents related to the unprecedented collection of Twitter user data by Smith and his team.

"If you do not produce documents responsive to these requests, the Committee may resort to compulsory process," Jordan and Biggs wrote.

Social media users reacted to the letter. Many expressed the need for action at this point, as opposed to simply writing sternly-worded letters.

"I think the time of waiting is over. We need action and accountability," one X user wrote.

"Do something now and stop warning," another X user added.

It would certainly be something to watch if it gets to the point where Jordan and Biggs actually subpoena Smith for the documents. That could bring an entirely new twist to the Trump case.