Hospital Performs Abortion on Expectant Mother in Horrifying Mixup

 April 2, 2024

Multiple investigations are underway after doctors in the Czech Republic performed an abortion on the wrong woman.

Medics mistakenly terminated the fetus of an expectant mother who was four months pregnant, according to at least one report.

The victim had arrived at Bulovka University Hospital in Prague for what she thought was going to be a routine check-up, the outlet reported.

Instead of her routine checkup, she was put under anesthesia that was supposed to be for another patient.

A surgical cleaning of the uterus was then performed without her consent or knowledge, and it resulted in a miscarriage.

Initial reports blame the mix-up on a "language barrier."

Nurses, doctors, a gynecologist, and an anesthesiologist ALL failed to catch the error before the shocking surgery.

Prayers go out to everyone involved in this horrible tragedy, especially the mother and her unborn baby.

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