Hillary Clinton's name surfaces in recently released Epstein documents

 January 7, 2024

As the full scope of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal has unfolded over the years, Bill Clinton's name has routinely emerged as part of the story, but with a recent release of documents from a court case related to the disgraced late pedophile, Hillary Clinton has now surfaced as another potentially involved party, as the Daily Mail explains.

The revelation came as part of a newly published trove of court documents from a defamation case filed by Virginia Roberts-Giuffre, one of Epstein's victims, against his close associate, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Hillary surfaces in Epstein docs

Though her husband has long been plagued by stories of his links to Epstein, Hillary Clinton had not previously been thought a close connection of the billionaire, nor had she been photographed together with him.

However, in the aforementioned recent document dump, Hillary Clinton's name arises in a 2016 filing from Maxwell's lawyers, who mentioned the former secretary of State as one of a group of 13 potential witnesses in the case.

Mrs. Clinton does not, however, earn mention in any of the other materials released thus far in connection with the defamation suit.

Clinton Foundation ties?

Notably, however, lawyers for Roberts-Giuffre had accused Maxwell of shielding her financial information and hiding her wealth, and they wrote something particularly intriguing about one of the former first family's most significant post-White House endeavors.

“For example, Defendant has refused to comply with a discovery request seeking information about her connection to the Clinton Foundation, claiming that such a request is 'obviously intended to harass and embarrass' her,” they said.

The same attorneys go on to suggest that Maxwell may be attempting to protect Bill Clinton, with the assumption being that the foundation has been providing financial support to Epstein's former paramour and partner in crime.

“Of course, if Defendant (or any of her organizations) is receiving funding from the Clinton Foundation, that would provide a clear motive for her to slant testimony on this subject,” the lawyers added.

They concluded, “Ms. Giuffre is entitled to explore this clear possibility of bias by obtaining information of the financial connections between Defendant and the Clinton Foundation.”

No concrete links to illegality

As Newsweek points out, the mere appearance of Hillary Clinton's name in these materials does not constitute evidence of any wrongdoing.

However, it is known that Bill Clinton traveled multiple times on Epstein's private jet, nicknamed the “Lolita Express,” a fact rendered all the more questionable given the deposition testimony of Epstein accuser Johanna Sjoberg who said that the billionaire pedophile confided in her that the former president “likes them young.”

Epstein, readers will recall, was convicted in 2008 on charges of soliciting prostitution from someone under the age of 18 and was facing underage sex trafficking charges in 2019 at the time of his controversial death in a Manhattan jail cell.

Without question, any connection whatsoever between America's former first couple and someone as unsavory as Epstein is bound to raise eyebrows, but whether any proof of truly nefarious or unlawful activity on their part ever sees the light of day, only time will tell.