Hillary Clinton Mourning Trump's Wins

 January 27, 2024

Hillary Clinton has been being seen dressed in all black recently, a move that some people are attributing to the former secretary of State mourning the impending death of her liberal America due to former President Donald Trump's recent wins.

Liberals thought that they were getting rid of Trump by indicting him over and over.

It turns out that their bogus charges actually had the complete opposite impact.

Trump was once fading in the polls.

Ron DeSantis was quickly catching him, and it appeared as though there was at least a shot of Trump not securing his party's nomination come 2024.

Fast forward a few months, and Democrats indicted Donald Trump in multiple jurisdictions, instantly making all of his witch hunt and corruption claims appear far more credible than ever before.

He's had a rocket strapped to his back ever since, and reports suggest that Hillary isn't happy about it.

Could she be going so far as to be dressing in black because of Trump's recent wins?

I wouldn't put it past her. She is a crazy lady, after all.