He's Officially Resigning - Criminal Evidence Was Too Much...

October 13, 2022

The camera doesn't lie.

I mean, images can be manipulated and videos can be altered, but that isn't what happened here.

An elected Democrat has recently resigned after being caught on film assaulting somebody outside of a business in Arlington, Virginia.

D.C. Deputy Mayor Christopher Geldart (now FORMER D.C. Deputy Mayor Christopher Geldart) is being charged with assault for his participation in an altercation that took place on October 1.

Geldart, 53, was arrested for assaulting a gym employee outside of the business. Dustin Woodward, a trainer at Gold's Gym, was grabbed by the neck in the video footage.

Police say that the two men came together for an argument after Geldart slammed his car door into the vehicle of Woodward's girlfriend.

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